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Our team's knowledge extends across multiple sectors to provide rich, analytical insights that enable us to transform business results. Since 1995, Sun European affiliates have invested in more than 375 companies worldwide across a broad range of industries and transaction structures with sales in excess of €40 billion.

Spiridonov, Sergei
Sergei Spiridonov
Group COO
Sun European Partners, LLP

Sergei Spiridonov

Group COO | Sun European Partners, LLP

Sergei Spiridonov, Group COO, joined Sun European Partners in 2015. Prior to joining Sun European Partners*, Mr. Spiridonov led the strategic transformation team at Tesco mainly focusing on resetting the direction of the international business. Prior to that, he was a partner at McKinsey where he worked with a wide range of consumer and retail businesses across Europe and the U.S. Mr. Spiridonov received a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics.