Our Portfolio

Sun European Partners, LLP is a trusted partner that is recognised for its investment and operational experience, including particular expertise in the consumer products and services, food and beverage, industrial, packaging, chemicals, building products, automotive, restaurant and retail sectors. Since 1995, Sun European affiliates have invested in more than 365 companies worldwide across a broad range of industries and transaction structures with turnover in excess of €40 billion.

Restaurants Unlimited

Restaurants Unlimited operates award-winning restaurants in twelve states including Kincaid’s – an American Fish, Chop, and Steakhouse; Newport’s – a Seafood Grill, Palomino’s – an upbeat city restaurant and bar famous for its European-inspired American cuisine; Stanford’s – an upscale casual restaurant featuring grilled steaks, chicken and seafood; Pizzeria Fondi’s; and other specialty brands such as Portland City Grill, Henry’s Tavern, Palisade, Cutters Bayhouse, Scott’s, and Ryan’s Grill.