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Our team's knowledge extends across multiple sectors to provide rich, analytical insights that enable us to transform business results. Since 1995, Sun European affiliates have invested in more than 340 companies worldwide across a broad range of industries and transaction structures with sales in excess of €43 billion.

Dunkley, Andy
Andy Dunkley
Group COO
Sun European Partners, LLP

Andy Dunkley

Group COO | Sun European Partners, LLP

Prior to joining Sun European, Andy Dunkley was CEO of Lee Cooper for 8 years, which included a period of ownership by Sun European until it was successfully sold to a trade buyer in 2013. Prior to that, Andy was the CFO for the European Writing Instrument Division of Newell Brands based in Paris. Andy is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and holds a BSc in Economics & Politics from the University of Southampton.